Babies R Us Michigan Reviews

Babies R Us Michigan Operating Hours Reviews

William Sims: The clothes are the cutest, and very unique too. Plus the atmosphere of the store is wonderful, it’s three levels and has couches and furniture everywhere. Downside: it’s way overpriced. When I buy clothes there, leave with cute clothes and no money. I feel happy and sad at the same time.  :- ) -:

Kenneth Ford: Thank you Babies R Us for the excellent customer service! We had just had a nightmarish experience at the store next door but I’m glad we returned because you made our night and we finally got our camera!

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Babies R Us Michigan Hours Open Reviews

Mary Doyle: I see that others have beat me to it here in singing the praises of this lovely, cozy store and the consistently fabulous service that Teresa provides. I am a long-time fan of Babies R Us’ distinctive clothing.  I live on the east coast and make it to the store once a year, then periodically call the store to ask questions and perhaps order something. Teresa is a phenomenal salesperson (unfailingly honest and at the same time persuasive!) and adviser.

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Babies R Us Michigan Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Gladys Cameron: I was thrilled when I picked up a sweater from Babies R Us that I had inadvertently torn and taken back to the store in the hope that it could be miraculously repaired.  All of their creations are so beautifully designed and crafted, and the materials so soft and fine that I hated to see one of my favorites so badly damaged.  Much to my delight and relief, the tear in my sweater was completely repaired, as were others that I hadn’t noticed before — and my beautiful sweater was fully restored and given a new life!  Thank you so much, Babies R Us!

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Babies R Us Georgia Reviews

Babies R Us Georgia Closing Time Reviews

Gloria Taylor: Babies R Us is absolutely fabulous! Amazing styles, amazing prices and it has everything you want. It’s huge enough and it has a large variety of clothes and accessories. A two story Babies R Us, what more could a girl want? The lines are often crazy, and the sales people are iffy but honestly, does it matter? Does a real shopper really need assistance that often? I can find my own sizes thank you very much. Love love love love this place. It’s fabulous

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Babies R Us Georgia Hours on Saturday Reviews

Samantha Black: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes (that’s how many pairs I bought here on my trip to SF) and the best part is the total came to less than $100. For 3 pairs of very cute wedges that is pretty amazing. I didn’t have time to try on their clothing but browsed the racks and I just can’t wait for my next trip so I can try them all on. This store reminds me of the stores on Abott Kinney in Venice, LA which is a big compliment imo. After a long day of shopping you can walk across the street and have a yummy dinner at Louisa’s. Perfect day right there!

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Reviews of Babies R Us Georgia Hours on Christmas Eve

Dean Bridge: The shop girls are knowledgeable. The store is spacious and clean. The clientele of shoppers are eager to learn and helpful too. My experience was a good one.

Samuel Edwards: Why do I get the feeling that everything here feels so geriatric? I’m not sure if this store is just like that or it’s the company.  The only place I find interesting is the men’s shoe section.

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Babies R Us Alabama Reviews

Reviews of Babies R Us Alabama Schedule

Harry Griffith: This is the shop I will always make a stop at in the city when I’m across the bridge.  If I ever need something special for evening out this is the place I can depend on! The best stuff and the ladies are always kind and helpful! Whenever my friends need a last minute solution, this is the spot I send them!

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Reviews of Babies R Us Alabama Opening Time

Dorothy Wellington: While my friend fall an accident and he had to stay in to the cabin of hospital then I had needed to buy some medicine which was very initials. At that time I used this drug centre because it was very near to the location of the hospital. The co-workers here were very friendly and understood my want of initials medicine and delivered so quickly. They also charged seems to me that was fully reasonable. Really this place is very significant for delivering medicine in time.

Bill Kick: Babies R Us is the first rate dept. store. They have superior quality items. their prices are bit high, but the quality makes up for it. they also have a generous return policy. they validate parking at the grove — which is a big plus.

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Babies R Us Alabama Hours Today Reviews

Margaret Stall: Why do I bother coming here? I hate Babies R Us customer service, it’s the worst I’ve ever experienced. This location is a bigger version of the same old story. Trying to return something to this location is more than a pain, it borders on impossible. The staff never knows what they are doing or seem to have any interest in helping you. Plus you have to deal with all of the union square crowds, which are especially crazy during the holiday season. Basically I hate this place.

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AT&T Utah Reviews

AT&T Utah Schedule Reviews

Oliver Glenn: Since October, AT&T has managed to shut my internet down, stop my long distance service to my home and cost me over 40 personal hours trying to fix their error. They show I’m past due. I’m not. I should actually have a substantial credit. I can’t ever talk to the individual I’ve asked for, Betty **. I can’t get management to return calls. They refuse to fix their errors and reinstate my account in good standing.

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AT&T Utah Operating Hours Reviews

Thomas Baker: I am a former customer service representative for AT&T. We are told “customer rules”; however, this is far from the case. The focus is no longer to insure customer satisfaction. Sales, plans or devices are the primary focus. I waged a personal war to ensure that all customer issues were resolved with the final aim being a happy customer and a happy client. AT&T customer service is outsourced to a company who is more focused on in-house indiscretions rather than customer satisfaction or complaint resolution. I was an unfortunate casualty of a hostile work environment. My food was tampered with, my performance misrepresented, my name slandered and libeled. I resigned. Though I bear no ill will, I do feel sorry for the countless AT&T customers who are being legally and immorally ripped off.

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Reviews of AT&T Utah Working Hours

Lindsay Neal: I’ve been with AT&T wireless for about 4 or 5 years mainly because I’ve had an iPhone. The service has always been bad with constant dropped/failed calls and a lot of breakup. Anyone who calls me cannot hear me and the phone service is useless. I’ve complained a lot. Nothing works.

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AT&T Nevada Reviews

AT&T Nevada Hours on Saturday Reviews

Scot Richard: Today I called AT&T regarding a "outstanding bill". After being on the phone for a little over a hour and talking to four different people I finally got to the right department. Well the women I spoke to already had a attitude when I started but she continued to repeat saying "let me repeat myself so you can understand." "WTH. Are you calling me stupid?" She said "I didn’t say that" and repeated again "let me say it again so you can understand." Is she for real? I told her again that am not stupid, am very intelligent and she need to watch how she spoke to people because she kept insulting my intelligence!

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AT&T Nevada Closing Hours Reviews

John Hutchinson: I have been with AT&T 10+ years, never had problems until I switched to Samsung galaxy and new plan. Charges for data – 20.00 for 500mb, overcharges gave me a galaxy pad for free (cost 40.00 to hook up 10.00 month but they add it like it’s a second phone). My service was suspended late 4 days, paid bill in full online. Dialed 611 no help since my service suspended, I thought you could talk regardless. Used a friend’s phone to call, got disconnected twice said my account was turned over to collections. Really. 4 days late. Tried calling back on friend’s phone, now her phone is synced to mine number and can’t talk to anyone now. What kind of crap is going on with AT&T. Rip off and they make it impossible to solve any problems. I’m not happy. I’m furious.

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AT&T Nevada Hours Tomorrow Reviews

Mark Golden: If anyone in here receives an offer for whatever service, bundle, or programming please make sure it was the representative said it is before you fall into the 2 year contract, crazy cancellation fees, and overall bad services. Find a company that does not have a contract based service which will allow you to opt out of that service when you want to.

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AT&T Mississippi Reviews

AT&T Mississippi Hours on Weekend Reviews

Maude Farmer: My phone gets turned off on the last day of the month. I pay $65 for nothing. No unlimited data high speed. That’s **. I’m always calling AT&T.

Eugenia West: Made lots of promises to get me to switch from the service I had for 16 years. Nothing but trouble ever since, broken promise after broken promise. Botched installation and I still have not received the money they promised for buying out my phone from US Cellular. Still waiting and it’s been 5 months!!!

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AT&T Mississippi Hours Close Reviews

Edward Tate: I have had AT&T since they were VoiceStream, then BellSouth then Cingular now AT&;T, yes a while. I have 3 cell phone lines and have watched the cost steadily go up over the years. Now averages $260. I have Directv and it went from $65.00 to $120. They said if I combined my bill they would charge $25 for DirecTV. Bill was $320. Dropped Directv after no deals and my contract was over. Bill went to $280. Keep in mind it is $20 more now. Called and lowered data plan and it went to $240 and after 3mb it was so slow it timed out before loading a page. Before this it was not that slow. Changed to unlimited and back to $320. How do they cut service and charge more? Everyone drop this company. Dish is cheaper with more service and a DVR with a 2 year price lock.

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Reviews of AT&T Mississippi Schedule

Chris Ward: I have been with AT&T for several years and I have never had a problem with anything. They make getting a phone easy and customer service is great. With their payment plan it makes it easy to get a nice phone.

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AT&T Kansas Reviews

AT&T Kansas Hours Close Reviews

Daniel Brian: Billing cycle is very tight time-wise and then late charges are tacked on. I was using a lot more data all of a sudden and kept trying to figure out what had happened as additional charges were fairly substantial. I actually went to an AT&T store to have a customer service rep. look at my phone, usage, apps, etc. He tried to assist but really gave no useful/helpful info. But I changed to a higher priced plan to avoid all of the overcharges. UGH!!

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AT&T Kansas Hours on Friday Reviews

Mark Morton: I echo what every other customer writes on here. AT&T misrepresents and then locks customers into long term contracts with no way to take corrective action. They pass you around between departments (customer service, loyalty, mobility) until one of them disconnects, leaving you starting from square 1 again. They sold me a Velocity and Digital Life Home Security which did not meet my needs and were terrible services, but had me locked into 3 year contracts that cannot be terminated without massive fees. AT&T is not subject to recourse for providing bad service. There is no watch dog which empowers consumers to get their $ back. They owe me $2,000 services they are charging but I cannot use. Where is the consumer right to not be forced to pay for services that are not delivered? AT&T is full of fraud and misrepresentation. I am on board with a Class Action Lawsuit if anyone else is.

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AT&T Kansas Hours on Labor Day Reviews

Mick Carr: I have felt so frustrated when calling AT&T customer service due to the fact that they take such an enormous amount of time. I also feel they got me to switch off a great plan that was better for me due to the fact that the plan I was on was no longer offer and so grandfathered in.

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AT&T Florida Reviews

Reviews of AT&T Florida Hours Today

Bon Andrews: Have been with AT&T for over 20 years and have had nothing but a good experience and if I had a problem what was quickly resolved to my satisfaction. I will continue to use AT&T as my cell phone provider and I do recommend it to my friends and my family.

Sally Norton: AT&T usually doesn’t warn you about price increase. You need to pay close attention to your monthly bill if any price changes. When you call they often tell you that there is another promotion that can save you money.

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AT&T Florida Working Time Reviews

Brad Small: Not much personal contact with them, not any problems to report, also avoid going to their stores because there’s a long wait. Have had account for many years since before the flip phone.

Eric Patterson: The cost is out of this world, is always out, nothing works right. I cannot wait for contract to end. I’ll never enter into another contract ever. You must pay to get out of it. Once in you are stuck and no one cares.

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AT&T Florida Hours on Weekdays Reviews

Sam Stevenson: AT&T is too expensive and they don’t really care about individual experiences in my opinion. They make enough money and should stop with the fees. I will be switching soon.

Patrick Gibbons: AT&T IS NOT A COMPANY I WOULD USE. THEY HAVE BEEN SUED FOR CUTTING BACK ON THEIR 4G service midday in TN while still charging full price for this service.

Fred Lord: Only real concern is coverage in rural areas. Retired and we are traveling more these days. A competitor seems to offer better coverage in the lonelier areas out West. Some areas are weak or non-existent. Suburban and urban areas are more than sufficient unless you are working in a basement.

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