BB&T Rhode Island Reviews

BB&T Rhode Island Working Time Reviews

Steven Harper: I did not expect to ever write a yelp review about an insurance agent, but I felt compelled to do so. This was hands down, the best customer service I have ever received from an insurance agent (or any type of service provider for that matter). I went to Jane and her associate, Helen, to insure my brand new Audi, and they bound coverage the same day. Helen worked extremely hard to get me the best rates available. She helped me address some issues on my driving record with understanding and efficiency. Beyond that, she was just a delight to speak to. I will definitely be coming back for all of my insurance needs in the future. I cannot thank Helen enough!

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BB&T Rhode Island Opening Hours Reviews

Noah Eaton: Death is certain and life is not. In times of uncertainty, I can’t think of another insurance agent to go to besides Samantha from BB&T. As a loyal customer for almost a decade, my family and I can always rely on Angela and her team whenever we need them. While I found her extremely knowledgeable in her filed, what’s more impressive about Samantha is her people skills. She’s also funny. Due to her bilingual skills, she helped answer all the questions that my mono-lingual father have that I have no answers to. When birthdays come, we can always count on getting a birthday card with personal messages from Samantha.

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BB&T Rhode Island Hours on Friday Reviews

Brian Bruce: My partner and I have been going to Kathy for the past few years and she has been great! Although we haven’t taken her up on financial planning yet, she makes our tax filing (multiple states in our case) a BREEZE. Helpful, efficient, trustworthy and knowledgeable are only a few of the words I’d use to describe her – you can’t go wrong.  A+

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BB&T Nebraska Reviews

BB&T Nebraska Working Hours Reviews

Beverly Dalton: This is the best insurance agent ever! I have never met any insurance agents like him. He really truly cares about people and their needs, his customer service skills are outstanding, very knowledgeable, very kind, and he is 100% honest.

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BB&T Nebraska Opening Hours Reviews

Matthew Greene: I was a victim of identity theft. I searched online and found I called the 888 number on there web site and spoke to the owner JR. I set up a free consultation. I went to BB&T and to my surprise this company was bigger then i thought it was going to be. When i first arrived he met me out side and gave me a short tour of the building. He showed me there call center first and i was highly impressed with there set up and level of professionalism. Then we went to the main office and he helped me retrieve my credit report online. I showed him each account that was incorrectly reporting due to identity theft. He came up with a plan for me right there on the spot. Price was kind of high but his level of Knowledge of the credit world i knew this guy was the real deal holy field and i did have over 50k in debt due to this issue. I Signed a few forms, set up a payment plan (His fee’s were pretty high but workable). In about 3 months a little less he had my credit score back to where it was before someone stole my information. i would have gave them a 5 star but the price was a little over 3k.

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Reviews of  BB&T Nebraska Hours Close

Gwenda Holmes: Samantha and Brian at BB&T are great!  They are very proactive and helpful anytime I have needed anything. 

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BB&T Kansas Reviews

Reviews of BB&T Kansas Closing Hours

Nick Doyle: I check my credit and to my surprise my score was 480 across the board. I contacted some of the companies and found out that my identity had been stolen. So I began looking online for BB&T. It was only one so I decided to try them out. I paid the 3,495 fee and 3 months later I had my life back 724 Ex 749EQ and 737TU. They helped me add a fraud alert on my credit report with my phone number so no one could use my information. I even got the credit deletion letters from all the creditors that where reporting on my credit. I paid a extra 89.95 after they were done to get help if anything new was to show up resulting from the identity theft I had in the past.

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Reviews of BB&T Kansas Hours on Sunday

Stanley Spencer: WOW, what an amazing & seamless experience!  Helen helped me obtain E & O insurance for my Real Estate Brokerage in less than 20 minutes.  She got me a quote & full coverage exactly when I needed the policy late on a Friday afternoon.

Ethan Holland: I also got a fire insurance policy & bundled it with an auto insurance policy.  Their staff explained the policies & assured me of the coverage I needed.  I am extremely happy with the service that BB&T provided & how professional their entire staff is.

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BB&T Kansas Working Hours Reviews

Jane Osborne: Great experience with this company fast reliable and great results i have been dealing with this company for a year now. I was able to get back on my feet brand new car credit cards and out of this word credit score. great group of people. Worth the time i have recommended there services to all family member great company.

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BB&T Connecticut Reviews

BB&T Connecticut Reviews

Bruce Hughes: Jim at BB&T helped me again this year set up my group medical insurance plan for my employees. He is one of the best brokers I have dealt with in the business. I will definitely continue to use him for years to come. He is light years ahead of his competitors in industry knowledge, leveraging his carrier connections and utilizing technology to service all businesses and individuals. In addition, I love knowing that my employees are taken care of whenever they have a claim issue or need assistance reviewing benefits. Benefit Agents picks up the phone every call by the second ring. Thank you BB&T for your exceptional customer service!

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BB&T Connecticut Reviews

Jessica Walter:  had to utilize BB&T twice, and both times provided amazing results.  They ttained the unattainable.  Its not hype, I offer this review based on RESULTS.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to repair the dings in their report, due to whatever reason.  They’re  fair, they make no guarantees, but it amazed me both times when they came through with great results.  The second time around, I honestly started giving up hope, but they didn’t. They kept on task, and fixed my credit.  I’m so grateful for his service.

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Reviews of BB&T Connecticut

Howard Skyhawk: I would NOT Do any business with them. Rude phone manner when I called 415-677-5979 and simply say that I have a question. This rude dude reply by saying: "First, you need to tell me who are you"  You start by saying first? DUDE take a chill pill ! Ass hole!  like I say, I have a question. Doesn’t matter who I am, I maybe a future client and  just have a simple question.

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Bank of America Nevada Reviews

Bank of America Nevada Schedule Reviews

Ruth Bradley: Dorothy is the best!  Been going to her for years for my tax prep.  She asks all the pertinent questions, I do my homework, then she cranks it out fast.  Also went to her to run a financial scenario before considering a real estate purchase.  She saved me from a potentially catastrophic blunder.  I recommend her to all my friends.

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Bank of America Nevada Hours of Operation Reviews

Arlene Goodman: Michael has been my insurance agent for 6 years & my friend for 8 years. Normally I don’t like doing business with people I am close to, but he is the exception.  He has written insurance policies for my cars, businesses and this year (2007) rental insurance.   He is the best in terms of customer service. He has worked hard to get me the best rates, and is honest.  What can I say, I could not ask for more in an insurance agent.  Robert is also a SF native.  Stay local!

Egbert Arnold: Bank of America saved the day for me several years ago when I needed some quick insurance help. Since then I’ve been a loyal customer obtaining several different kinds of insurance through their agency.  They are helpful to the MAX. Their customer service can’t be beat.  I’m a total fan!

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Reviews of Bank of America Nevada Hours on Christmas Eve

Jessica Hilton: It took me way to long to find these wonderful women!  I am over 60 and really want to retire…but not as a poor person!  Ralph and Jane worked with me to assess my current spending, and to give me the tools to figure out what I could do and how I could do it.   I liked what they did so much, I figured I would just let them do it. So now I really have no worries and let them manage my assets and arrange my financial life.  And they require me to stay informed and educated, so even if I wanted to flake out, I can’t.

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Bank of America Massachusetts Reviews

Bank of America Massachusetts Opening Hours Reviews I got to say they are the "Truth".

Randolph Clark: I have tried 2-3 other companies. Just a waste of time and money. Promise after promise, phone-tag, excuse after excuse and I was still where I left off. After some thorough research I stumbled upon a company that had all good reviews and happy customers. I am happy to say I am 1 of them! I was made promises and was overwhelmed when 60 days later everything was complete. Imagine the feeling after credit troubles all my life, I went to the car lot and they told me "you may pick anything you like". I almost "Yelped" literally. Best feeling in the world. Felt like I won the Super Bowl. No need for another credit company. I would cheat on my wife before this company!

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Bank of America Massachusetts Hours Close Reviews

Edward Goodwin: I have to say, I never trusted Bank of America, they try  to have you pay an arm and a leg, with little reward.  The great thing about 99Credit Repair Service, they obviously have no problem doing the do the work for you, but surprisingly, they willingly suggest an less expensive route, where you can pay for an, do-it-yourself software program, that is extremely easy to follow.  So, if you can afford them to do the work, "Cool Beans", but if your a "Do It Yourself" kind of individual like me, save your money, and go with their software program.  Nevertheless, I’m a true believer in this company, one word comes to mind …….BOOM !!!!!

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Bank of America Massachusetts Hours on Weekend Reviews

Ken Whitehead: Thanks A lot For the hook up. Someone stole my credit and my man JR recover it and got me back. In addition he did my business plan for me and i got funded for my lot Thanks!

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Bank of America Connecticut Reviews

Bank of America Connecticut Hours Close Reviews

Patrick Glover: I was amazed at how fast and easy it was to repair my credit. The staff was very helpful on providing advice, and giving guidance on how to KEEP GOOD CREDIT . I would give these guys a shot before you try anyone else. I tried a few places and compared to other companies they have very low rates… Very happy with this company A+

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Bank of America Connecticut Hours on Saturday Reviews

Pamela Henderson: Bank of America has redefined the Insurance world! Their personalized customer service, attention to detail, and expertise is unparalleled. It has been an honor being a client of this company, as they have gone above and beyond to ensure that we have the lowest and most competitive rates without sacrificing coverage and quality. Their entire staff is extremely knowledgeable in their field, able to offer the best coverage and value for your business. Whether you are a small individual sole proprietor or a large corporation, Bank of America can handle it all. If I could give them more than 5 stars, I would! It’s very refreshing to work with a company that cares so much about their products and the customer service they provide.

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Bank of America Connecticut Hours on Weekdays Reviews

Jack Thompson: I use Yelp a lot, and this bank is number one I have ever contacted who I truly believe deserves every single 5-star review he has gotten.  I called him yesterday to discuss my credit situation and the help I needed.  By last night he’d sent me a detailed evaluation telling me how to fix my issues myself, which I’ve already taken care of today.  This review describing the absolutely excellent service he provides is the best thank you I can give him, since he didn’t charge me a cent.  They’re amazing!!

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Babies R Us Virginia Reviews

Babies R Us Virginia Hours Open Reviews

Elizabeth Gallagher: I’m going to have to join the consensus on this one – braindrops is the best!  Not only do they have an AMAZING selection of very beautiful and unique jewelry, the place has a truly beautiful and welcoming vibe.  I went in for very minor piercing, and both Jim at the counter, and Dave doing the piercing, were beyond helpful, patient, great to talk to – it was a wonderful experience.  the fact that i’m not a 20-something tribal-hipster was no problem, as it can potentially be in similar circumstances.  Dave is great! …really patient, gentle, lovely.  It may cost just a little more – but you definitely get what you pay for!!

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Babies R Us Virginia Hours Close Reviews

Meagan Underwood: It’s always a pleasure to step foot in this little place. I bring all my out of town visitors there. It’s just beautiful with an energy to match, thanks to kindness- and service-motivated owners, Dick and Loren. Their wealth of information has been freely shared, with caring thrown in too. Every employee has been equally helpful over the *many* years I’ve been a customer. They stock all kinds of hard-to-find herbs and a wide range of body care products and supplements. Dick and Loren often assist me with special order items, handled with grace… and without premium surcharges.

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Babies R Us Virginia Hours on Saturday Reviews

Sophia Springfield: One of the best stores for sneakers and clothing in San Francisco. They always got the newest sneakers in, yeezys, Jordan’s, adidas boost. A lot of other stores charge crazy high prices but dreamteam always shows love and is very flexible. The owner is a real good guy a shows love to the community, this is THE sneaker spot if u coming into the bay area.

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